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myCIOexpress has been created with the aim of providing services to the Director of Information Technology and CIO (Chief Information Officer) and it is adressed to organizations that want to focus, optimize resources and create and maintain competitive advantage.

We are a team of people with extensive experience in leading and managing IT departments, in different sectors (distribution, financial, retail, etc.), as well as wide experience in IT project management and coordination of technology providers.

Our value proposition is to provide the CIO with the services he requires from our personal expertise in a similar role.

The alignment with the business remains a priority for CIOs. This continued focus in business is due to the need for involvement of CIOs in promoting technology initiatives that catalyze business processes within companies.

Traditionally, IT responsibilities have been associated with keeping the information flow and ensure its flow in the Company. With the cloud disruption (Cloud Computing), Mobility, Social Enterprise and analytical tools (Big Data), the traditional management is unapproachable.

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CIOs are facing significant changes in their enterprise architectures, services, organizations and partners.

Today's CIO has been asked to transform companies through information technology. Transformation that requires breaking with old habits, learning new ways of doing business - and an ongoing focus to increase shareholder value.

This is a time of challenges for CIOs. Never before had presented a better time to make a real difference. We'd like to help. Contact Us.